The Turbo Carver is a high speed power carver driven by air. It is incredibly smooth and as easy to use as a pencil. This amazing tool gives you the power to create beautifully detailed engravings and relief carvings in Wood, Glass, Metals, Eggs, Antler, Gems, Models or practically any material.

The Turbo Carver system, unlike other high speed carvers, already includes an inline foot control, air filter and air gauge. Right out of the box it is ready to easily connect right up to your compressor. This great tool is light, durable, easy to use and economically priced.  

These Turbo Carver systems are for use with your own compressor. Your Turbo Carver needs an air compressor with one or more horsepower and it needs at least 2 CFM or 8 or more bars. 

We also sell 'Compressor Systems' set up with an air compressor included. 

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TS550 - Complete Turbo Carver System
Price: $339.98
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WSTS550 - TurboCarver Water Mist System
Price: $484.99
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Item #: WSTS550 -

Complete Turbo Carver Water Adjustable Water Mist System- with our clever water misting system available only with Turbo Carver. This is excellent for working in eggs, glass, bone, etc. This is excellent for help controlling dust in when working in eggs, glass, bone, etc. Eliminates most dust, polishes the cut, helps prevent stress fracturing and keeps the bur cooler for longer bur life. The system consumes about 1 drop of water per second.It can also be used without water for wood carving....

Complete Turbo Carver With Air Spray Option System
Price: $357.98
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Item #: TAS550 -