Carving with a high speed carver in materials such as eggshell, antler, glass, gemstones, rock, or shell, and the like, produces dust and fumes that are extremely messy, dusty, and hazardous. We have a solution to these problems. Our Water Spray System is excellent for help controlling dust when working in eggs, glass, bone, etc. The Misting eliminates most dust, polishes the cut, helps prevent stress fracturing and keeps the bur cooler for longer bur life. The mist can easily be turned on and off for wood carving. The light air spray cleans out the materials as you carve or engrave. This keeps the area clean and visible for more precise carving or engraving in any material. This helps direct any cuttings away from you and into a dust box. The system consumes about 1 drop of water per second. Turbo Carver is the only hand piece available on the market with an optional Water Mist Spray. The mist is an atomized cloud of water which eliminates most of the fine dust and fumes associated with carving in materials like bone, egg, glass, gemstones, eggshell, antler. It also keeps the bur cool for longer life and prevents any kind of fracturing of the material being carved. Creating a finer cut and strengthening porous materials is another advantage of this technology.
Water Mister System
The mist system starts with the foot control that operates the hand piece, at the same time it pressurizes a small storage tank that you fill with distilled water. A small amount of air that drives the hand piece is diverted to the bottom of the handle through hypodermic tubing where it is directed at the tip of the cutting bur. At the same time the hand piece is operated a valve opens, allowing a metered amount of water to travel to the bottom of handle through separate hypodermic tubing. The air mixes with the water to produce an extremely fine mist of water that is aimed at the tip of the cutting bur. The water flow rate is about 1 drop per second and requires only a bath towel to absorb the moisture. Water mist has many advantages, it cools the cutting bur, making them last much longer. It helps eliminate much of the dust and fumes. It also gives a more polished cut and actually strengthens porous materials such as egg or bone. No heat is built up in the material being worked. The mist won't obstruct details as happens when working with the surface covered by water AND The Water Mist Tool can be used without water on wood or surfaces not suited to wetness without disturbing the flow adjustment or the tool. Click here to purchase