Incredibly smooth and as easy to use as a pencil, Turbo Carver, gives you the power to create beautifully detailed engravings and relief carvings in Wood, Glass, Bone, Stone, Paper, Leather, Hard Metals, Eggs, Antler, Gems, and the like. If you can trace a line, using our stencil systems, training video and the Turbo Carver handpiece, you can create beautiful engravings and carvings with your first try.

We are certain you will be delighted with
the Turbo Carver and offer you
a money back, satisfaction guarantee.

Turbo Carver is the size & weight of a pencil or pen. It's the lightest you can buy. With over 400,000 revolutions per minute there is practically no vibration or torque! This allows you to do high precision work and for a longer time. Carve for hours without fatigue. Turbo Carver is ideal for egg carvers, gourd carvers, glass artists, model makers, wood carvers, scrimshaw artists, metal workers, or anyone wishing to do precision carving, etching, or engraving in materials ranging from egg shell to hardened steel and gemstones. The Turbo Carver is lighter and easier to use than large, heavy metal tools. It is easy to work longer periods with less stress or fatigue. AND NO OILING. You won't have to stop and use messy oil every 15 minutes. With the Turbo Carver system you get more for less. For no extra charge you get full system, not just a handpiece several burs and oil. You get a complete system with hook up for compressor, convenient inline foot control, a sturdy and accurate inline air gauge, an inline air filter, and a quality, state-of the-art handpiece and air turbine with the highest quality precision micro bearings made. You'll love this tool. The lightness and feel is deceiving until you use it the first time. You'll be surprised such a light and comfortable tool can do all it does. It's so simple to use. You will be able to carve, etch, or engrave instantly. This will become your favorite tool in your shop. We are so sure you will enjoy the little Turbo Carver that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Give it a try. Read what our customers say!

How does the Turbo Carver compare with it's competition?

Slow speed rotary tools operate on high torque (power) and low revolutions. The Turbo Carver on the other hand, operates at extremely high rotational speed, 400,000 RPM (considered angular velocity) but with very little torque. That is why Turbo Carver is so easy to control even on the hardest of materials. You can carve across the grain, with the grain, through a knot hole, and even into the end grain of a piece of wood, without reacting to, or following the grain. You can engrave or carve with the ease of a pencil on the hardest of materials. You can engrave a piece of blown glass, then drill a hole through it without breaking the glass. You can use it like you would use a knife to cut intricately fine filigree patterns in paper, leather, gasket and other materials.

All slow speed rotary carving tools operate at low speed due to their motor bulk, friction armature restrictions. Slow speed handpieces use 1/8 inch diameter burs while Turbo Carver instruments use 1/16 inch diameter dental burs. The slow speed handpiece is very good at doing bulk or gross reduction where detail and precision is not a consideration. For engraving, doing fine details or carving in things like knot holes, end grain of wood, cork, bone, gemstones, nothing can beat the Turbo Carver.

Our handpieces have a light weight turbine with a diameter of less than 1/4 inch. Therefore compressed gas can spin these turbines at very high speeds exceeding 400,000 RPM. On the other hand, there is hardly any torque produced by these instruments, hence the ability to carve in extremely fine detail. The principal behind the Turbo Carver is angular velocity, not torque. The advantage of these instruments lies in their phenomenal ability to precisely remove material, without stressing you or what you are working on.

Turbo Carver only uses 1/16 inch diameter cutting bits called Friction Grip Dental burs. These burs are available in Carbide, Diamond, Stone and Rubber. We stock about 30 of the most appropriate burs used for the widest variety of work you can do with this instrument.

Turbo Carver weighs only 1/2 ounce. It can be used by people with arthritis and other joint maladies because there's no weight, vibration or torque transmitted to the handle. If you accidentally drop a metal handpiece, there is a good chance you will destroy the bearings or break the bur. Turbo Carver is so light, it resists breakage.

Because Turbo Carver is made from precision injection molded plastic so that it could be designed smaller and simpler. It has been said and demonstrated that simplicity is elegant. Small size also increases your visibility and improves access in hard to reach areas.

The only instrument with a comfortable textured rubber hand grip.

Turbo Carver is not affected by moisture, a serious problem for metal instruments. Handpieces with aluminum handles are very susceptible to oxidation from moisture coming through the air lines. Oxidation is what sand paper is made from and it will destroy the bearings if it forms within the handpiece. For this reason, metal handpieces require an expensive moisture trap installed in the air line. Unfortunately, the moisture trap will not prevent water from getting into the handpiece while working with water as needed for hard materials.

This is the only handpiece available on the market with an optional Water Mist Spray. This atomized cloud of water eliminates 95% of the fine dust and fumes associated with carving in materials like bone, egg, glass, gemstones, eggshell, antler. It also keeps the bur cool for longer life and prevents any kind of fracturing of the material being carved. Creating a finer cut and strengthening porous materials is another advantage of this technology.

Turbo Carver is a complete package with handpiece, variable speed foot control, small particle air filter, inline air pressure gauge, training video, 2 burs, operator's manual, bur catalog, sample of our peel off Mylar stencil material, small brush and dust mask. Also available with 3/4 hp, 2 cfm, air compressor and foot operated electrical switch.

Last but not least,
Turbo Carver comes with a 30 day money back guarantee,
and a 6-Month Manufacturers Defect Warranty - If you are not satisfied return it and we will refund your purchase price. Return Policy

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