Notes from our customers:

Margaret from Australia
Well just to let you know I now am the proud owner of your product, and I just have to say what an absolutely fantastic tool it is, I love it......It is so light and so easy to use, and everytime I have used it I have never been disappointed with the final results, I am so pleased with it. One thing I always never looked forward to was changing burs in my other engravers, it was a real hassle, but not with the turbo carver, so quick and easy its a breeze and a pleasure to do.

Dona from California
Just a note to say the package arrived today. This machine is everything I expected and more. I am just overwhelmed at what it can do. I work mostly in fossil ivories and I can't even feel the bit going through the material.

From Washington, Anna writes:
The Turbo machine arrived yesterday evening. Thank you so much for your promptness. I am nearly finished with my commission piece. You were so correct. The machine is amazing! I am noticing less fatigue in my hand. I love it. Thank you again.

Julie from Michigan, Says
I love this unit!

From Australia sent us a note -
Hello, First of all, a simple thank you. Since I bought the Turbo Carver, I have had great success with it, and I am very happy with it's simple operation and most of all it's almost weightless design. Thanks again for your great product. Best regards, Tim

Ed, From Kentucky, tells us "I am lost without it. This is the most useful tool I have!"

Victor wrote:
I got my compressor yesterday and am very pleased with it as I am with the Turbo Carver system and burs that I ordered in February. This tool is everything you guys say it is and more!! The possibilities with this tool are endless. The weight and size of the tool makes any project seem easy and the price of the tool compared to others on the market and your great customer service make the buying decision painless. Keep up the great work!

Dave from Ohio, Tells us that this tool has improved his work 100%. He is able to make more money in less time and his hands don't feel the strain as they did with his metal tool.

Thank you for such a ideal product it's made my life much simpler. I couldn't be more impressed by your product or companies customer service. Julie - Michigan

From Ohio, Gary LeMaster (Master Egg Carver)
Although I own over 20 different high-speed drills, most of which cost at least twice the price of a Turbo-Carver, they all lie around gathering dust because I use the Turbo-Carver exclusively myself for a variety of reasons. Oh, for those of you who have heard me say that before and yet see other drills in the step-by-step photos on the pages of My Eggshell Sculptor newsletter and wonder what's up... I do, in fact use only the Turbo-Carver, but when I need to take the photos, I don't bother to unhook my Turbo-Carver and carry it to my photo area. Rather, I pick up the nearest drill to photograph my instructions :::grin::: Anyway, I use the Turbo-Carver because it is lightweight (infinitely lighter than the metal high speed carvers) and it's the most concentric-spinning turbine I've ever come across (very important when you have cuts on an eggshell that are close to each other). Further, the Turbo-Carver is inexpensive, DOESN'T EVER NEED OIL and is easy to maintain. It also runs perfectly with only half the CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air required by other drills. That means you can get by with a smaller, less expensive compressor.

An interesting thing is that when I teach egg carving classes, I let students use all of the different drills I have, but when they get to the Turbo-Carver, they refuse to go back to any of the others. Not a bad testimonial for the drill, huh? And, unlike the
more expensive drills, the Turbo-Carver can be fitted with a WATER MISTING SYSTEM that virtually eliminates the need for a dust box.

Speaking of damage, moisture is poison for all of these drills, too (except for the Turbo-Carver, of course) so you MUST have a good moisture trap on your air hose between the compressor and your drill. Compressor heat produces a surprisingly large amount of moisture, even in areas of low humidity, and just the tiniest bit of moisture hitting your turbine will cost you dearly. Even with a moisture filter, you should regularly empty the compressor tank (if your compressor HAS an air tank) through the moisture escape valve on the bottom of the tank. In high humidity areas, this task should be performed daily.

Happy carving!"

Gary LeMaster

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