Complete Turbo Carver System - With Air Spray Option.
    Turbo Carver Air Handpiece Only -with optional air blowing spray nozzle. Carvers and etchers love the way it blows air directly on the bur to keep the material clean and dust away from the precise carving area. It directs air toward the dust box. Also available as a Turbo Carver System- TAS550- Turbo Air System. 
    Includes everything you need to get started carving or engraving using your own air compressor. The air spray helps remove dust and particles from the cutting area as you work. It keeps the area cleaner and move viable. 
    System includes:
    • Turbo Carver lube free, high-speed handpiece (with airSpray tubing)
    • Instructional & training DVD (DVD400) included
      which tells you how to use your Turbo Carver also demonstrates how to carve eggs, wood, and etch glass
    • in line air gauge,
    • 1 CARBIDE - Fissure, Cross Cut Tapered bur,
    • 1 DIAMOND - Large Football, coarse bur,
    • in-line foot control,
    • in-line air filter,
    • Mylar transfer paper sheet
    • cleaning brush,
    • operator's manual / bur catalog,
Price: $357.98