Price: $484.00


    Complete Turbo Carver Water Adjustable Water Mist System- with our clever water misting system available only with Turbo Carver. This is excellent for working in eggs, glass, bone, etc. This is excellent for help controlling dust in when working in eggs, glass, bone, etc. Eliminates most dust, polishes the cut, helps prevent stress fracturing and keeps the bur cooler for longer bur life. The system consumes about 1 drop of water per second.
    It can also be used without water for wood carving. Carvers and etchers love the way it blows air directly on the bur to keep dust away from the precise carving area being carving without water. With water it dampens the dust and cools the bur with an invisible mist making your job easier. The Water Mist is Very Useful for glass and shell.

    System includes:

    • Turbo Carver lube free, Water Misting high-speed handpiece,
    • water tank, air gauge, water tubing lines, & filters,
    • Instructional & training DVD (DVD400) included
      which tells you how to use your Turbo Carver also demonstrates how to carve eggs, wood, and etch glass
    • 1 CARBIDE - Fissure, Cross Cut Tapered bur,
    • 1 DIAMOND - Large Football, coarse bur,
    • in-line foot control,
    • in-line air filter,
    • Mylar transfer paper sheet
    • cleaning brush,
    • operator's manual / bur catalog,