ProSystem for Wood Carving

Everything you need to make money working with wood of all types and many other types of materials. Includes a complete bur set exclusively constructed to carve in Wood.

With this ProSystem You get:

  1. Turbo Carver System with Classic Handpiece. Includes air gauge, inline filter, and foot control.
  2. Quiet turbo tank compressor set up to use with your Turbo Carver
  3. Magnification tool (MagEyes) Ultra light and comfortable visor to better see and inspect your work as you use your Turbo Carver
  4. Transfer Paper
    10 sheets of Mylar transfer paper and
    10 sheets of white transfer paper
  5. Bur Kit
    A complete Wood Carving bur kit 
  6. Bur cassette holder 
  7. Bur cleaning stone
  8. Instruction Pamphlet
    A how to book to show you many ideas and tips to best use your turbo carver
  9. DVD video
    to show how to use your tools and transfer your ideas to what you are working in.
  10. Four Art Pattern Booklets
    Art 1, Art 2, Egg Patterns and instructions book
    These will give you many many ideas and patterns useful with wood carving projects such as wood sculptures, plaques, walking sticks, etc.
Price: $960.00