Ready to "Plug in and Carve!". All you need to get working with your new Turbo Carver.

This compressor system combines our famous high speed carving tool with our new 'SUPER QUIET' air compressor to power your Turbo Carver System quietly and efficiently.

Purchase a compressor system and have your Turbo Carver already connected and set up with our great Quiet Air Compressor. You will be ready to plug in and carve.

Our Turbo Carver Air Compressor is powerful, sturdy, & very quiet. This Compressor is small and easily portable, with anti-vibration rubber feet.
Weighing only 34 pounds, it is portable, easy to use, and requires no oiling. Very Quiet (58 decibels) and Great Looking this compressor is rated at, 2.0 CFM, 120 volts, 6 amps, 60 Hz. Overall dimensions are L (18.7") x W/D (14..2") x H (14.75"). The TurboTank Air Compressor is for use on a normal household type electric outlet and manufactured to run on 110 volts which is the standard used in the United States and Canada.

System Includes:

  • Turbo Carver lube free, high-speed handpiece with integrated air spray line directed at the tip of the bur to keep the area carved clear of dust and debris.
  • TurboTank Air Compressor. All set-up with foot control, tubing lines, and air gauge. The Compressor for use on household type electric current and manufactured to run on 110 volts.
  • Instructional & training DVD which tells you how to use your Turbo Carver also demonstrates how to carve and etch into different materials.

  • 1 699 CARBIDE - Cross Cut Tapered bur
  • MM5C DIAMOND - Large Football bur
  • 1 Carbide #8 Large round bur
  • 1Carbide #4 Medium round bur
  • 1 MM4 Diamond Small Football bur
  • How to instruction manual full of ideas on carving, etching, and engraving with your Turbo Carver
  • Inline Foot Control
  • In-line air filter
  • Cleaning brush
  • Operator's manual / bur catalog
Price: $712.00


    Same as TCCS but with the cool Air spray handpiece.