High Speed Handpiece Engraver Wood Carving with Turbo Carver Scrimshaw in Ivory Engrave Glass


Welcome to Turbo Carver. We make the lightest and fastest high speed drill available. We also have a complete line of diamond and carbide burs as well as many carving and engraving accessories.

Turbo Carver offers the average person the advantages of a high speed air powered carving/engraving instrument at a great price.

How does Turbo Carver compare with the metal handpieces?

Turbo Carver is the size & weight of a pencil or pen! There is practically no vibration or torque due to the 450,000 rpm speed. This allows you to do high precision work and for a longer time. Carve for hours without fatigue. Turbo Carver is ideal for scrimshaw, inlays, or carving and engraving of materials Bobcat engraving on Emu Eggranging from cork to hardened steel and gemstones.
Water Mister Kit

We also offer the optional Water Mist System. This is the only hand piece available on the market with our optional Water Mist Spray. This atomized cloud of water eliminates 95% of the fine dust and fumes associated with carving in materials like bone, egg, glass, gemstones, eggshell, and antler. It also keeps the bur cool for longer life and prevents fracturing of the material being carved. Creating a finer cut and strengthening porous materials are other advantages of this technology. The mist can be turned on and off during a carving session and has a fine needle valve adjuster so that you can vary the amount of water that is being sprayed.

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  • Soft Ergonomic Handle (Grip) and looped airline are designed with total comfort in mind, allowing for a good solid grip on the tool. The ruCarved Ostrich Eggbberized surface does not get cold in your hand like the metal handpieces. You can wear this tool like a ring, freeing you to use both hands without putting the tool down.
  • 5 Micron Miniature Filter in-line with the foot control. This filter removes particles not removed by the filter on your compressor.
  • Miniature Air Pressure Gauge is located in-line with the handpiece tubing for the optimum air pressure setting.
  • Variable Speed Foot Control with lifetime warranty, allows you to vary the speed so that you can use low speed rubber burs as well as high speed cutters.
  • Instructional Video with more than 20 minutes of ideas, tips, and facts about your high speed carving tool.
  • Owners Manual with information, user guide, accessories, and bur list.

More Carving And Engraving Examples

Download The Operator's Manual In PDF Format

Download Thomas Compressor Manual

We are certain you will be delighted with the Turbo Carver and we offer you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and now a 6-month Warranty.
(This applies to the Turbo Carver, Turbo Carver Systems, The Handpiece, Air Compressor, and all parts connected to the tool. Accessories and shipping costs are not included in refund).

Streaming Video of Turbo Carver

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